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Welcome to Shadow Company HQ New Member Registration!

Shadow Company operates as a online gaming community dedicated to providing social resources to help like-minded gamers get the most out of the games they play. We are home to a diverse group players who engage in team-based and cooperative games of any genre in a variety of different ways.

Individuals can take a casual approach by using the community’s many social features to expand their online friends and organize loose groups of members around a particular title on any platform. Players looking to take their online experience to the next level can transition into one of many ever evolving and expanding structured Squads built around a specific game on a dedicated platform. These units operate under a stable command structure and provide scheduled training sessions with a focus on more advanced tactics and strategy in an effort to excel. No matter which experience you prefer, Shadow Company’s flexibility allows the community to adapt to the ever-changing world of online gaming.

All members are required to follow our Basic Rules of Conduct. Please review them before registering to ensure Shadow Company is the right fit for you. Administrative personnel consistently monitor and moderate the SCHQ Website and membership will be revoked for those who fail to comply. We hope to see you among our ranks soon and thanks for stopping by.


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