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  2. 5 Frickin years already? Holy crap where did the time go? Happy Anniversary bro!

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    1. sc-wooggy


      Just remember I is a two-time, I repeat, TWO-TIME Champion!!!! Thanks dissy :)

  5. Happy 6 Year Anniversary brother!!! Been a great ride and I am happy to call you my friend :)

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  7. Happy 3 years brother!!!!

  8. Happy 6 Years brother!!! So glad to have you a part of this community and thank you for your huge contributions over the years!

  9. Happy 6 Years brother. So glad I found my brother from another mother!!

  10. 3 Years brother!!!! Congrats. I remember when you were a snot nosed noob :)

  11. Yo 5 years baby!!!! Happy Anniversary brother!

  12. Happy 3 years brother and welcome to the SCC

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      Thanks bro, here's to another 3 years :)

  13. Happy Birthday my brother from another mother! Hope you have a great day and welcome to the 30's