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  1. FDT1984 - Shadow Company Recruiter

    Welcome back to SC and welcome to the Team!
  2. oFLoRiDuH- Shadow Company Recruiter

    Welcome back to SC and welcome to the Team!
  3. The Luigi Kid- Recruitment and Training Executive Officer

    Welcome back to the team and congrats!
  4. Happy Birthday Havok!!

  5. Happy 2-Year Joni!!

    1. JoniiVonHavok


      Thanks man, its been a great journey so far.

  6. 48mins i took me to get a decent party for a dungeon in FF lol

  7. May the 4th serve you well young siths.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ROGU3 SOLDI3R


      You're just jealous because we're more powerful.

    3. ROGU3 SOLDI3R


      Arguable. The Sith were less restrictive of knowledge, and more willing to forgo ignorance in the pursuit of such knowledge.

    4. JoniiVonHavok


      yeah because it was a smart move from the so called Masters Jedi, to restrict the chosen one... how did that worked'? oh yeah it back fire to them almost annihilating the entire jedis loll

  8. CoD: Advanced Warfare?? Teaser trailer:

  9. Another good war :), we are getting our War Cry stuff, good job SC1!

  10. SC1 will engage the diamond division war now!! first place here we come!

    1. rydogv


      Good luck all of you!! Get that Platoon FIRED UP!!

  11. What's a good way to wake me up?? with an earthquake, now i am all dizzy.

  12. I found this little piece of treasure with a Pre-Order button already on it!!!

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    2. SC-SnakeX21


      I'll pass on that. I'll pre order from GameStop once we get a release date.

    3. JoniiVonHavok


      Yeah i'm not preordering it, the only thing tha matter for me from this, is that its really happening.

    4. ironh19


      there goes EA marketing things too early.


  13. Woot Golden Ripper! finally, those Point Blanks Kills take forever to get.

    1. xacto14


      Congrats!, now play extinction with us. lol

  14. Anyone is thinking to play this FFXIV realm reborn on the ps4, i saw it was free soo i guess giving it a try doesn't hurt xP

  15. I just got a mini-heart attack, my gaming tv died yesterday night, because of this i will be playing in another tv for a while so i started to set up the ps4 in there but then the ps4 didn't wanted to work, it keep turning on and off and the lineal blue light that always emits when its on, turned red for a second, scariest thing ever!... but now it seems its working properly again, lets just hope it stays that way.

    1. xacto14


      Do NOT break your PS4. That is an order. lol