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  1. Picked up MLB The Show for PS4 and paid off Watch Dogs!

  2. Great Job Everyone on the Clan Wars!

  3. Xbox Members: I will be using my capture device today to capture some footage, get a hold of me if you wanna lobby up in Titanfall, Ghosts, or BF4

    1. ShamelessProphet


      I am using Roxio Game Cap HD Pro


    1. A Muni Bus

      A Muni Bus

      ??? Untitled broadcast? I can't find your stream on the twitch app :(

    2. A Muni Bus

      A Muni Bus

      Awww looks like both you and Browsy have stopped broadcasting :(

    3. ShamelessProphet


      I am sure it will be back on soon :)

  4. Who all got Titanfall? Time to group up!

    1. Too clutch snd

      Too clutch snd

      I have it but I'm at work though.

    2. ShamelessProphet


      Well we will have to play tonight lol:)

  5. So close to this Tuesday!

  6. South Park The Stick of Truth is amazing. If you have ever enjoyed the TV show this game will push it over the top!

    1. rydogv


      Don't tempt me.

    2. ShamelessProphet


      lol someone has to accept that challenge!
  7. System update on the xbox one!

  8. Congrats to everyone as we move forward in the new positions. Also I am downloading the new maps for Ghosts for PS4.

    1. ST3WI3101


      I remember back in the days you me and demon playing mw3

    2. ShamelessProphet
  9. Restarted 24 from the first season! Amazing season!

    1. disdisdis


      Me too!!! Haha I started about a month ago and I'm on season 7 now ;) I <3 jack... And Chloe!!

    2. ShamelessProphet


      I will have to check that out too, I am getting pumped for the new season and getting caught up on episodes I haven't seen in ages lol


  10. My Call of Duty game on Xbox One isnt working so they are having me do a manual patch, this is taking forever to install, guess I am playing my PS4 tonight, anyone doing anything fun :)

    1. kakashi897


      alot of my friends had that problem with their failbox's.....which is why in the past month I've had alot of my R/L friends switch to PS4 XD

    2. ShamelessProphet


      They tell me that they would send a new xbox one however it will face the same error. There is an issue that when you play another game, then go back to the other game, the system reads it as a first time play and tries to patch the game again and it corrupts the file :(


  11. New 24 Season! Love the commercial during the Superbowl!

    1. rydogv


      That poor horse. lol

  12. Ghosts on my Xbone is stuck at the main screen on a loop and nothing is correcting the issue :(

  13. Enjoyed playing some COD the last couple nights!