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  1. I like tacos

    1. Krukov Lovelace

      Krukov Lovelace

      "they don't talk. I say taco they say taco." "Taco Taco Taco!!!" "Are they ok?" I cant remember what movie this is from but I thought of it after reading your Status...

  2. Rental Servers out for PS4- Search SCHQ-Foxhound squad for mine.

  3. Happy Birthday Iron!!

  4. Attention SC, Normal Award Operations have resumed, so any you have been holding on to, get them in, but please keep the award requesting policies in mind.

  5. Ok guys its a new week for make up awards, this week we are looking for Dust, KillZone, TitanFall, and HQ Team Staff. Don't delay get them in.

    1. A Muni Bus

      A Muni Bus

      Does Titanfall even have any awards yet? lol or can we only give Ladyfail awards, since she's the only *offical* TF platoon member? XD

    2. ironh19


      lol I was just writing what came off the blog.
  6. BF Regiment, today is the last day for your make up awards, get them in! or you will have to wait for April 7th

  7. BF Regiment, get your awards in by Sunday! Sunday is the last day for BF make up awards and after that I will be denying them and you will have to wait until April 7th before normal ops resume.

    1. ironh19


      I can't I am already at my max of 10 requests this week.

  8. BF Regiment, be sure to get your awards in this week, if you dont you will have to wait until april 7th before you can post more.

    1. kakashi897


      I wont get not one anyway icri4me

  9. Battlefield regiment: this is your week to get in your awards requests that you have been holding on to during the transition. Remember 2 awards per member per week and you have a max of 10 requests per week.

  10. awards processing will begin again at 3PM CST, so pile them up before then.

  11. I will be out of office for an unknown amount of time depends on my recovery time

    1. cyderus


      get well soon buddy

  12. I guess I have some deciding to do...

  13. If speed one day kills me, dont be sad because I was smiling" - Paul Walker

  14. Holy Taco Bell! theres a shout box

    1. SC-SnakeX21


      This is probably the greatest day of his life


  15. IP Chat limit reached? cannot access the chat

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ironh19


      nope, I know all those tricks, it seems someone put an limit on users that can go in

    3. ironh19


      find a blue guy, they have access to that part of the ACP

    4. ironh19