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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations for Members





Cheating Defined: any modifications to the platform (Playstation or Xbox console) or official games and associated files or any utilization of a program that is meant to alter the behavior of the game in a way that either gives an advantage to players using it or gives a disadvantage to players not using it. (Examples: wall hacks or speed cheats)

Glitching Defined: use of any behavior of the game that is either undocumented or unintended by the manufacturer in order to increase the own personal performance or decrease the performance of others. (Examples: hiding in a rock or shooting through a wall you normally cannot)

Boosting Defined: any act that increases one's own stats or one's team stats through dishonest means. (Examples: XP boosting or Game Battles boosting)

As a matter of honor, no SC member should engage in any above activity.  Any Structured Squad member caught doing so will be subject to action under the Shadow Company Disciplinary Policy.  SCC leadership (or their designee) is authorized to investigate suspected glitches in an effort to find a potential defense only and then, such investigation will take place only in private servers or lobbies.  All findings should be outlined to the entire Regiment in designated forums.





We are a  "Friends First" Community.  Disagreements between members that cannot be resolved in a reasonable and friendly manner will be handled by the Chain of Command for resolution.

Real Life comes before gaming every time.  However, consistent or prolonged absences from training or combat operations can have a negative impact on a Structured Squad's morale and state of readiness. If real-life issues are keeping you from practicing on a regular basis then speak to your Squad Staff about going on leave.





We as a community have an established Chain of Command (COC) whose purpose is to provide direction and focus for structured units in what can otherwise be a chaotic environment. Members are asked to follow the suggestions of designated leaders both in-game and out in all matters relating to organized Shadow Company operations.

Because we are a "Friends First" Community there are no restrictions regarding fraternization and members are free to establish friendships with any other member regardless of rank or title.  However, friendship is not a reason to by-pass the COC and only serves to keep necessary leaders uninformed.  Issues pertaining to your direct COC can be addressed with higher leadership through our "open door policy"






Rank, awards (medals & badges) and positions within the Community's administrative body is reserved to Active members and will be assigned based on attendance, dedication, conduct, teamwork and performance. All members serving in a leadership position for more than 6 months may keep their current rank from their leadership position in a retired status




Members will show respect to one another regardless of place of origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or creed. 

Cursing and language deemed offensive in nature is discouraged, especially on the website forums and in Private Messages.  We accept the use of harsh language is a reality in the adult world and in an online-gaming environment.  We also accept its use is often impulsive, especially in the heat of competitive online play.  However, we ask members to refrain from excessive cursing simply because is does little to aid the team in productive comms.  Members who cannot play without cursing every other word may be asked to mute their mic or leave the match.

No member will initiate discussion of religious or political matters or respond to them, broadcast issues involving nudity, sexual content or any other adult content whether be by images or text/voice communications.

No member will question policies, rules or regulations in any public forum. Members are expected to use the Chain of Command to issue any thoughts or concerns.

Sportsmanship is expected in every facet of in-game participation, whether it be public lobbies, intra-clan competition or external competitive ladders. Always remember that to the public, you are not perceived as an individual but as a representative of the Shadow Company Community.




All members are in a constant mode of training and as such we have practices and training sessions. Their purpose is to improve our teamwork and communication, rehearse tactics and keep all Squads in a constant state of readiness





The official clan tag of Shadow Company is SC or SCHQ. No other variation should be used unless directed. If your respective title does not allow use of the official clan tag for any reason please notify your COC for possible alternatives.



Shadow Company demands a standard level of commitment and loyalty from members assigned to structured units.  No member is authorized to participate in any other organized group that supports any game franchise on a platform that we support.  Acts of moonlighting will be investigated by senior leadership and may result in a permanent ban.





We as a community to not condone advertisements of any kind including but not limited to outside/other site services with exception to joint sponsors with SC, Posting links to torrents, Warez, file leaches, etc.  These are illegal and Shadow Company does not want to be held liable for illegal downloading of any content.  Any video's posted must adhere to all established rules and regulations regarding conduct.



The official language of SC is English however we are a multi-national group and will assist members with only basic English skills as much as possible.



Sexual Harassment and SC





Sexual Harassment of any type goes against every core value we hold dear and will not be tolerated within the Shadow Company Community. Any instance of sexual harassment should be reported directly to the Shadow Company Command (SCC) as soon as possible. All claims of sexual harassment will be investigated thoroughly and any member found in violation of this policy will face sever corrective action up to and including dishonorable discharge and a permanent IP ban.



What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can encompass a number of areas, ranging from constant emailing to actual stalking and physical assault. The legal definition of harassment is “a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose” or “words, gestures, and actions which tend to annoy, alarm and abuse (verbally) another person.” While this is a general notion of what harassment is, its nature can change depending on the situation in which it arises or depending on the laws that are being applied.





Leaving a Structured Unit




Leave of Absence
Any member unable to participate for a significant period of time may apply for a leave of absence of up to 6 months’ time by contacting their squad leadership so long as they have been active within SC for at least 60 days prior to their request. We prefer this over taking a discharge as all members on a loa will retain limited access to the site and can be instantly reinstated at any time during the leave with all awards and attendance intact.

Because we are Proud of and understand the Dedication they have and the hard work our members of the armed forces do for their countries members serving in the armed forces of any country on a Deployment order will be provided an extended leave of absence up to 12 months provided they have been active within SC for at least 60 days prior.

Honorable Discharge

A member can request honorable discharge from Shadow Company at any time and for any reason. In fact, we prefer you request discharge in-lieu of going Absent Without Leave (AWOL) since discharge due to AWOL's is generally recorded as dishonorable and may prevent re-entry into Shadow Company at a later date.

Any member leaving under honorable conditions will be welcomed back to the Community at any future date when time and real-life circumstances permit. Members requesting discharge with 1000 or more attendance points will have their awards profile and attendance points saved in the archives and all will be reinstated if they return within 12 months.

All honorable discharge requests should be submitted to your Squad Staff or direct First Line Supervisor.





Dishonorable Discharge Review Policy



A member must submit his/her dishonorable discharge for review by the Shadow Company Command (SCC) within a week of the initial discharge; if the member does not appeal or his/her appeal is denied, the member must wait three months to request a second review. If the member's appeal is denied a second time, he/she may request additional appeal review every three months.

For any member dishonorably discharged due to AWOL, the member may be granted another opportunity to rejoin after the Regiment commander and or Gaming division XO conducts a review. No warning level increase or probation is necessary.

Members dishonorably discharged due to moonlighting may be allowed to return if the member(s) leave the other clan. He/she will be issued a 80% warning level increase that will be decreased by 20% monthly. During the initial 2 months, the member will be subject to a probationary period in which he/she may not receive a promotion (through either ATS points or position), transfer Platoons, or go on leave.

Members dishonorably discharged due to disrespect, conduct unbecoming or any combination of disciplinary infractions may only be readmitted if the Shadow Company Command approves it through majority decision, based on proof the member's behavior has changed and would no longer be a detriment to the Community. He/she will be issued a 80% warning level increase that will be decreased by 20% monthly. During the initial 2 months, the member will be subject to a probationary period in which he/she may not receive a promotion (through either ATS points or position), transfer Platoons, or go on leave.

No member may be readmitted into SC if they have been dishonorably discharged twice.

Members dishonorably discharged due to deliberately spreading slanderous propaganda, instigating the poaching of members, infiltrating Shadow Company with intent to encourage disruption, stealing unique SC information any other reason deemed malicious or hurtful to the Community as a whole, will be subject to a permanent ban from Shadow Company with no rights to appeal.



SC Awards Rules & Regulations



Award Creation Suggestions Policy

Members can request the creation of awards at a new titles launch or near a new DLC launch date for a title we support however please remember it is only a suggestion and the web team can’t make any guarantees on whether it will be implemented or not as it is all dependent on any current projects they have ongoing. All award creations are at their discretion.


These rules are applied to all requests and assignments of awards:

  • Only active members of structured units can earn awards.
  • You can only earn awards for the Regiment you are an active member of.
  • Official requests can only be submitted by active Squad Leaders, Division Command Staff or SCC.
  • Anyone found giving misinformation or misrepresenting themselves to achieve an award can result in corrective action including loss of all awards and Award Request Ban.
  • Accumulative awards such as the kill-streak ribbons replace the lower awarded ones. (eg: a 25 K/S ribbon will replace the 20 K/S)
  • COC designated badges (SA/SL, Command Staff, etc..) can be kept if the member holds the position for a period 4 months or longer.
  • Any members who transfer Regiments will retain their awards from their previous Regiment.
  • When submitting award requests, make sure each request is an individual post even if it is for the same member. 
  • When submitting award requests, please put the members' names in alphabetical order for ease of processing.
  • Squad Leaders will limit requests to 10 per calendar week and no more than 2 per member per week.
  • Regiment Commanders are only subject to the 2 per member per week rule.
  • Exceptions can be granted to Squad and Regiment Commanders at the discretion of the Web Team Executive Officer and/or the SCC.  Exception requests should be PM'd to the Web Team Executive Officer.

All Awards can be found at the Awards Roster Page


Requesting Awards Requiring Higher Clearance


Any leader who wishes to request an award that requires higher clearance will detail the award request in a PM and forward it to the next level of COC:


Squad Leader --> Regiment Commander

Division Command Staff--> SCC


At any point along the way an award can be changed, reduced or denied.  The leader will make recommendations and advise the originator of the request with a short explanation.  Awards that are changed, reduced or approved will be submitted in the appropriate request forum by the leader with clearance authority.







GameBattle Squad Policy



No Squads from Shadow Company will participate in Gamebattles or other competitive ladders against one another if possible. Meaning no Squad should deliberately challenge another to a ranked competitive match.

This is to eliminate any potential accusation of cheating being raised against Shadow Company by any third party.

If a Squad is challenged by another Shadow Company Squad, accidentally or otherwise, the Squad receiving the challenge must refuse it.

The only exception to this rule is if two Shadow Company Squads are drawn against each other by an external body in an elimination tournament and there is no way for either Squad to decline without facing some form of detriment (i.e. elimination from said tournament). If this situation arises both Squads are expected to give full effort and follow Shadow Company rules governing sportsmanship.


Promotion and Application Process




Any Shadow Company position vacancy should be filled using the Application Process.

- Squad Staff positions will be posted and selected by the Regiment Commander.

- Support Division Positions (Graphic Artist, Media Editor, Awards Administrator, Records Administrator and Education department, etc) will be posted and selected by the Division Command Staff for that the Division


- Division Officer positions will be posted by the SCC and selected by the Shadow Company Command.


- Commanding Officer and Executive Officer positions will be posted and selected by the Division Officer

- Shadow Company Command members will be selected by active SCC members and the vote must be unanimous.

All senior leadership positions should be filled after a detailed interview of each candidate.  In the event that no one applies or all applicants are unqualified, leadership will conduct a search for a qualified individual to fill the position.

The Shadow Company Command favors a '2-Job' limit on any member to ensure focus and avoid overtaxing anyone.  Certain leadership/administrative positions cannot be held concurrently.  Any restrictions will be outlined on the Position Vacancy.



Ranks and Promotion Information




For enlisted promotions, the following factors will be taken into consideration


1.       Attendance and squad activity

2.       Current disciplinary record within the last 6 months

3.       Contributions to the site and or community as a whole

4.       Time in current Rank



For attendance eligibility, a member who is up for promotion must have attended at least 5 practices outside of an IS squad in order to be considered eligible for promotion. Note: Both Optional and Mandatory Practices count towards this total for noncommissioned officers.



For Active commissioned officer rank promotions, the following are taken into consideration

1.       Site and community activity

2.       Disciplinary record for the last 6 months

3.       Time in position. (A minimum time in position of at least 6 months will be placed before becoming eligible to receive a promotion)

4.        Good visible leadership qualities in subordinates



The following list indicates the minimum amount of practices a member must attend before becoming eligible to be promoted to the rank listed (Note: officer based ranks earned through attendance are considered non-commissioned and thus will be given as a retired officer status. Noted by the addition of (ret.) at the end of the Rank)

1.       Private First Class- 5 Practices

2.       Specialist – 10 Practices

3.       Corporal- 30 practices

4.       Sergeant- 40 Practices

5.       Staff Sergeant- 50 Practices

6.       Sergeant First Class- 60 - Practices

7.       Master Sergeant – 75 Practices

8.       First Sergeant- 85 Practices

9.       Sergeant Major- 125 Practices

10.   2nd Lieutenant (ret.)- 155 Practices

11.   1st Lieutenant (ret.)- 185 Practices

12.   Captain (ret.)- 205 Practices

13.   Major (ret.)- 225 Practices

14.   Lieutenant Colonel (ret)- 245 Practices

15.   Colonel (ret.)-265 Practices

16.   Brigadier General (ret.)- 285 Practices

17.   Major General (ret.)- 305 Practices

18.   Lieutenant General (ret.)- 325 Practices



Active Officer Ranks will be Issued based on position held within the community and are unable to be earned through practice attendance for example

Gaming Division XO’s will hold a rank of Major and be eligible to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

While Gaming Division CO’s will hold the rank of Colonel and be eligible to be promoted to Brigadier General. Active COC Members may promote as high as Lieutenant General while remaining in any COC Position without promoting to a higher post position. IE: a XO is able to promote up to Lieutenant general while remaining as XO.


The rank of General will be reserved for Shadow Company Commanders who will be selected by the active SCC members






Signature Limits




Due to potential server bog downs and to continue to keep things a standard. Signature limits are restricted to the following criteria.

1) Signature size can be no larger than 520x120 pixels. No exceptions.

2) No more than 3 custom lines (Sig, Personalized line of text, USERBAR). However, when a member has changed his/her name, he/she must include a fourth line citing his/her previous SC username using the following format "AKA: Name1, Name2, Name3, etc...".

3) Nothing that violates our other content policies can be displayed including advertisements for other sites.

4) Any person(s) asked to adjust their signatures to meet the criteria may have 24 hours max to get it done or it will be removed immediately and/or warning level will be increased.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.





Media & Social Media Regulations



 Shadow Company operates its own YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook pages and channels. The below information is the official rules and regulations regarding the usage of Shadow Company social media and media channels, as well as members' own social media and media channels while they are a member of Shadow Company.

Media Channels (YouTube & Twitch)

1.) If a member wishes to submit their video(s) to be uploaded to the YouTube Channel, they will need to PM SC-SnakeX21 and JoniivonHavok with a subject line of: VIDEO UPLOAD REQUEST FOR SC YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


The video will be reviewed to make sure it falls within our communities established rules and regulations such as excessive swearing, showcasing our core values of teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, and friendship. Once a decision has been made upon your request, you will be notified of it via a reply to your PM request.


2.) Members of Shadow Company may use their own YouTube Channel to upload recordings of their gameplay. Their channel(s) and videos must be branded with Shadow Company branding, logos and affiliation along with following the official Shadow Company YouTube & Twitch Channels. Your videos and content must adhere to Shadow Company rules and regulations regarding conduct, sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and friendship. If your videos are found at any point to violate Shadow Company rules and regulations, appropriate action will be taken including and up to, but not limited to Dishonorable Discharge and Banishment from Shadow Company.


Should a member of Shadow Company part ways for whatever reason, so long as the departure was on good standing (i.e. Honorable Discharge), the member may keep their videos and recording on their YouTube and Twitch Channels from their time in Shadow Company.


However, if a member parts ways with Shadow Company under bad standings (i.e. Dishonorable Discharge [with or without banishment]) the member will need to remove all videos and recordings of their time in Shadow Company from their YouTube and Twitch Channels. Shadow Company will reach out to the member upon their discharge via email to have their videos removed. If they are not within 7 days, Shadow Company will reach out Twitch and YouTube to have the videos forcibly removed.


3.) If a member wishes to stream their gameplay video Twitch TV or YouTube Live, they may do so. Their channels must adhere to all points covered in Rule 2 of the SC Media & Social Media Usage Rules & Regulations.


4.) Only Shadow Company Media Team members and Web Division COC may be use the official SC Twitch, and YouTube channels. Exceptions can be made to individuals on case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Web Division COC.


5.) If a member refuses to brand their channels and pages with Shadow Company logos, branding, affiliation, they will be subject to Dishonorable Discharge and the forceful removal of their videos from their respective channels via official support means with Twitch and YouTube. Shadow Company will reach out to the member upon their discharge via email to have their videos removed. If they are not within 7 days, Shadow Company will reach out Twitch and YouTube to have the videos forcibly removed.

Social Media Pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

1.) A member may operate and use their own Social Media page via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Their pages must follow all official Shadow Company social media pages and will be subject to Shadow Company rules and regulations at all times regarding conduct, sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and friendship. If a members page(s) are found in violation of this, disciplinary action including and up to, but not limited to Dishonorable Discharge and Banishment from Shadow Company, may be taken.


2.) Your social media pages must be branded with Shadow Company brands, logos and affiliations at all times while you are a member of Shadow Company.


3.) Only Shadow Company Media Team members and Web Division COC may operate and use the SC Twitter page. Exceptions can be made to individuals on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Web Division COC.




Discord Regulations






All members must use their site display name as their discord display name at all times, no exceptions. 

Members **WILL** respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed.
The same level of respect will be given to non-members.

Members will show dignity, honor and integrity both in and outside of SC. Any insults or lack of respect towards SC and it's members by non-members are to be ignored and left uncommented. We do not need to defend ourselves.

Cursing and all language of an offensive nature will not be tolerated, whether be on forums or any type of voice or text communications.

Spamming of Text, Images, Video links or 3rd Party smiles is not tolerated - all of these constitute spam, and are destructive to the conversation and flow of the Shoutbox.

No member will issue religious or political matters or respond to any of them.

No member will broadcast issues involving nudity, sexual content or any other adult content whether be by images, text or voice communications.

No member will discuss illegal drugs or paraphernalia of any kind.

No member will question policies and regulations in public. They are to use the COC to issue their thoughts.

Using caps lock to excess is not to be used, the usage of Capitals for large amounts of text is destructive and can be viewed as being aggressive, offensive, or construed in a shouting attitude, using capitals just to emphasis something can be acceptable, its up to the members at the time.

Any member found to be deliberately provoking or harassing other members is to be dealt with by the correct COC

Any member consistently breaking these rules could be subject to corrective action, from a 24 hour Discord Ban up to and including discharge.



Structured Unit and New Squad Creation Policy




The creation of a new structured unit is no small task.  It requires the coordination of several administrative departments to bring it into being and the dedication of various members to sustain it in the long term.  For this reason, we have an established process and strict criteria in place whenever a new unit is being considered.  More often than not, the community’s senior leadership has already identified certain titles which have the potential to be tested as structured units within Shadow Company.  However, we are relying more and more on the members themselves, from both the casual and structured player bases, to help us identify possible contenders.


The first thing we look at with any game is its popularity.  Not only here within SC but also in the general gaming community.  Things like sales numbers, critical reviews, developer support and planned DLC can be useful benchmarks to help gauge a title’s potential longevity and relevance.  Lots of games are subject to immense hype but after release are quickly abandoned.  Any title we select for a structured unit should have ability to keep players engaged for more than a few months and have a large enough player base to provide for even modest recruitment.


Just as important as popularity is the gameplay itself.  Is it conducive to structured team-based play?  Does it possess the tools and mechanics to ensure a Squad can develop tactics and train effectively?  Private matches and private servers are generally a must, especially when the focus is on competitive multiplayer.  This is less crucial for co-op focused games.  The bottom line is not every game, no matter how fun and dynamic, is suited for a structured style of play.


We will encourage all potential games to start as casual groups.  There has to be interest in the game.  If we cannot show that interest in even a casual setting, chances are it will never take off as a structured title.  This early phase will allow players to test the game and put it through its paces.  This is also a chance for group facilitators to attempt some early recruiting.  A successful recruiting effort will go a long way to get a title green lit for a structured unit.  Members can create casual groups for the purpose of establishing a future structured unit or casual groups that prove popular can transition into structured units at a later date.


Casual groups that prove successful may be given the opportunity to establish an ‘expeditionary’ Squad.  In order to move into this phase there must be someone active in the game who has the experience or potential for leadership.  Of course, a current or past SC leader is ideal but a dedicated member may be considered as well.  During this interim period, the Squad will be evaluated on their level of activity and the leadership’s willingness to engage in meaningful training and report the results in a consistent and timely manner for a minimum of 6 weeks.




Requesting Consideration For A Structured Unit




If you are a member who facilitates a casual group that is proving successful and want to be considered for a structured unit, please contact IIVxWARxVII and or any SCC Member via private message.  We will schedule a live chat session to hear your pitch and review the details.


If you are member of a structured unit and wish to create a new Squad in the Regiment you already belong to, please contact your Regiment Leadership to discuss this possibility.



If you believe Shadow Company should support an upcoming game that has not yet been released to the general public, please use the Suggestion Box to bring the title to the leadership’s attention.



Shadow Company Veteran Status




Shadow Company offers a status level known as SC Veteran for members of the community who have provided a dedicated amount of time in service to community and within good standing. Becoming an SC Veteran allows a member to participate in the community within an non-actively required capacity.


This means that any member of SC Veteran status can participate in any game and aspect of the community at their own time and leisure without the requirement of having to participate within a squads practices and activities.


To qualify for SC Veteran status a member must meet the minimum requirements:

-2 Years of Total Service to Shadow Company

-No disciplinary action on their record within the last 6 months


If you meet the above minimum requirements, and would like to apply for SC Veteran Status, send a PM to your immediate COC and they will get the process started.


Alternatively, Shadow Company COC can grant SC Veteran status to any member at their discretion.




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