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Shadow Company Veteran Status

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Shadow Company offers a status level known as SC Veteran for members of the community who have provided a dedicated amount of time in service to community and within good standing. Becoming an SC Veteran allows a member to participate in the community within an non-actively required capacity.


This means that any member of SC Veteran status can participate in any game and aspect of the community at their own time and leisure without the requirement of having to participate within a squads practices and activities. However, this also means that they do not earn ATS points and rank up through this method anymore.

If a member that currently is under SC Veteran status wishes to be placed in a squad on active-duty, they will relinquish their SC Veteran status during the duration of their active-duty service with their squad. If the member that is on SC Veteran status is a returning member to Shadow Company, and they have been away for more than 12 months, they will need to complete IS Training once again. At any point, the member can request to be placed back on SC Veteran status and resume the stipulations associated with it.

SC Veterans can still earn awards for Shadow Company from any officially supported title during the duration of their SC Veteran status. If the member resumes active-duty with a squad, they can only earn awards from that specific title as how this would apply to standard members.


To qualify for SC Veteran status a member must meet the minimum requirements:

-2 Years of Total Service to Shadow Company

-No disciplinary action on their record within the last 6 months


If you meet the above minimum requirements, and would like to apply for SC Veteran Status, send a PM to your immediate COC and they will get the process started.


Alternatively, Shadow Company COC can grant SC Veteran status to any member at their discretion.

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